About Us

About Us

Arcosa Specialty Materials is a national provider of rock and minerals including gypsum, limestone, sand, gravel, anhydrite and all of the downstream products that we create with them. But here, it’s more than just about the products. It’s about providing a level of service that surpasses customer expectations, far beyond what they may receive anywhere else. With a legacy of professional quality and service dating back to 1955, Arcosa Specialty Materials has earned the industry respect of our customers from the smallest organizations to Fortune 500 companies. We are dedicated to providing the expertise that only experience brings.

Arcosa Specialty Materials is the result of a long and successful history of doing one thing and one thing only. Treating people right. Our customers, our employees, our partners, and vendors. We believe when you take care of the people that matter most, everything else will take care of itself.

Our History

Arcosa Specialty Materials roots go back to 1955 when the Harrison Gypsum Company originally began as a small family operation supplying gypsum to the family farm and neighbors. Originally named the Cement Gypsum Company, Harrison Mine No. 1 was opened near Cement, OK, and underwent the name change to Harrison Gypsum Company in 1956. Over the years the company developed the mining business by supplying raw gypsum rock to nearby manufacturers of Portland cement.

As the market area for Harrison Gypsum expanded, gypsum reserves and production capacity also expanded. With business growing, capital investments were made to upgrade to modern mining equipment and improve infrastructure. In 1994, Harrison Gypsum’s mine #2 was named the largest single gypsum mine in the United States by the U.S. Department of the Interior Publication. Today, the total gypsum reserves of Harrison Gypsum Company is estimated to be in excess of a quarter of a billion tons.

Product Expansion

Although the sophistication of the operation has grown over the years, the set of principles that established Harrison Gypsum as a trusted name in the industry are still in practice today. We take pride in offering flexible responsive service to our customers, while also maintaining consistent quality standards that produce a premium product. This also led to an expansion in innovation, and as the product lines grew, other companies like Allied Custom Gypsum and ACG Plasterworks were created.

Growth occurred both organically with our existing product lines and through acquisition. Research and development created new custom products and a series of ground gypsum products, such as flame retardant fillers, animal feed additives, agricultural and turf products, and a high purity food grade gypsum. Our company’s mines, mills, processing plants, packaging facilities, warehouses, and 60 years of experience all attribute to our one primary objective. And that is service to our valued customer.

Future Growth and Acquisition

In 2012, HIG Capital, a leading global private equity investment firm, completed a recapitalization of Harrison Gypsum. This provides Harrison Gypsum with financial and operating resources that enables us to further capitalize on our significant growth potential.

2013 / 2014
In 2013 we acquired several aggregates sites in South Texas and expanded this in 2014 to give us currently over 12 operating pits in the region. 2014 also saw the acquisition of MK Crushing in Oklahoma and Kansas to complement our Mid West gypsum mines with quality limestone reserves.

In January 2015 JA Jack Ltd, a limestone producer based in Seattle WA specializing in high-quality limestone products (grits, flours etc.) joined the group. JA Jack sources their limestone from extensive high-quality company owned reserves on Texada Island in British Columbia.

This was followed in August 2015 by the acquisition of the Art Wilson Company (AWC) based in Carson City NV. AWC is a gypsum facility supplying calcium sulphate products to the agricultural market in the form of Ag fines and specialty prilled products. AWC has extensive anhydrite, gypsum and limestone reserves in northern Nevada.

In May of 2017, North Florida Rock Ltd. was acquired. Established in 1998, North Florida Rock is a market leading miner and processor of limestone products sold into infrastructure, agriculture and building products applications. NFR owns and operates a quarry in Marianna, Florida and ships rocks across the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and Georgia.

In July of 2017 Diamond Gypsum was acquired. Centrally located in Watonga, Oklahoma, Diamond Gypsum is a leading miner of gypsum products sold into various oil & gas, infrastructure and agricultural applications. Diamond Gypsum owns and operates a quarry in central Oklahoma and serves a diverse set of blue chip customers with high quality aggregate and processed gypsum products.

In February of 2018 brought another acquisition. Kelly Limestone located in Kirksville, Missouri with manufacturing located in Newark, Missouri. Kelly Limestone is a leading manufacturer of prill and pelletized limestone, gypsum and dolomite products. Kelly Limestone expands ACG Materials strategic footprint within the Midwest and provides complimentary products to serve a growing list of agriculture and turf customers. Kelly Limestone has a long and successful history dating back to 1959.

May of 2018 saw the acquisition of Kitsap Reclamation and Materials. Founded in 1993, Kitsap Reclamation and Materials is a leading miner and processor of aggregate products sold into various infrastructure, building products and landscaping applications. Kitsap operates a basalt quarry and concrete recycling business based near Bremerton, Washington and ships its products throughout the fast-growing Seattle metropolitan area.

In December of 2018, ACG Materials was purchased by Arcosa, Inc., headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Arcosa is a provider of infrastructure-related products and solutions with leading positions in construction, energy, and transportation markets. ACG Materials added significant scale to Arcosa’s Construction Products segment, extending the specialty product portfolio, geographic reach, and expanding the number of end markets.

In September of 2020, ACG Materials officially became Arcosa Specialty Materials. The name change better reflects the company’s new and enlarged product footprint which now includes lightweight aggregates.