Livestock and Pet Supplement

Ground limestone and gypsum are commonly used as an economical livestock and pet supplement. This natural mineral source that can be added to dog, cat, and other pet foods, animal feeds, and liquid milk substitutes.

Traditionally, these minerals are integrated to animal feed at a rate of 100-250 pounds per ton of feed.

Among its many benefits, calcium sulfate promotes skeletal growth, strong teeth, milk production and eggshell quality. There are a variety of benefits of gypsum, not only as a livestock and pet supplement, but also in a number of other livestock and pet applications.

It can be mixed with ground wood chips for animal bedding, or used as a substitute for sawdust or sand to absorb moisture and reduce odors.

Additional Benefits

Finely ground limestone in coarse and fine grit is also an economical source of calcium in pet, livestock and poultry feeds. Valu Fil 650 is our ground gypsum product and is inert, non toxic, and is composed of approximately 23% calcium and 18% sulfur.

Calcium plays many essential roles in animal and poultry nutrition. In general, it is required for:
• proper development of bones and teeth
• regulation of heartbeat and blood clotting
• muscle contraction and nerve impulses
• enzyme activation and hormone secretion
• eggshell formation and quality
• reproductive functions (uterine retraction)
• milk production

Support Documents

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Limestone and gypsum provide the essential element of calcium that is needed for proper bone development in animals and is essential to the formation of egg shells in chickens