Resources and References

Here is a list of useful and informative articles and other additional resources that you may find helpful in determining the best soil amendment for you to apply in your specific location and situation.

“Amending Soils with Gypsum” – Madeline Fisher, Crops & Soils Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2011

“Gypsum: Essential for Maximized Water Use Efficiency and 40 Other Purposes” – Dr. Brent Rouppet, Water Management, May, 2008

“Calcium and the soil have a rocky relationship” – Garn Wallace, Wallace Laboratories, BIOFILES, Summer, 2010

“An old tool with some new tricks” – Martha Mintz, The Furrow, 2014

“Effect of Gypsum on Decreasing Subsoil Acidity” – Richard McFarlfn, University of Georgia, December, 1990

“Gypsum – A Multi-Tasking Soil Amendment” – Martha Ostendorf, No-Till Farmer, June, 2009

“Gypsum Influences on Soil Surface Sealing, Crusting, Infiltration and Runoff” – Dr. Darrell Norton, October, 2007

“Interaction of added Gypsum in Alkaline Soils” – S.R. Olsen & F.S. Watanabe

“Gypsum as an Agricultural Amendment” – Liming Chen & Warren Dick, Ohio State University Extension, 2011

USDA – Gypsum Fact Sheet

Here is a list of references and cited material that was used to gather the information about the benefits of adding gypsum, anhydrite, and limestone as a soil amendment.

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