Important Message About Industrial Plaster Products

Arcosa Specialty Materials has temporarily suspended regularly scheduled small batch manufacturing of some industrial plaster products.

The list of products includes:

  • Casting Plaster
  • Lab Dental Plaster – beta hemihydrate based
  • Type II Dental Plaster
  • Pottery Plaster 38- 48
  • DynaPlast® Base Alpha FS
  • DynaPlast® GRG XL
  • DynaPlast® HS
  • DynaPlast® HP
  • DynaPlast® TSRH
  • DynaPlast® TSRH – Buff
  • DynaPlast® T1
  • DynaPlast® Stonemix

Please note that this is a TEMPORARY suspension of the production small quantities. For large volume orders, please contact your Arcosa Specialty Materials sales representative for more information.

For More Information

For more information or how to purchase, please contact:

U.S. & Canada
Carl Buchanan
(864) 469-3113 (Office)
(470) 539-1615 (Cell)

National Sales Manager
Cole Sisco
(405) 366-9526 (Office)
(580) 695-0363 (Cell)