Custom Prilled Products

Arcosa Specialty Materials offers a wide variety of custom prilled products developed in our manufacturing facility in Carson City, Nevada.

This facility offfers flexibilty and scalability to allow us to create not only our proprietary prilled products for our partners, but also create customized prills using a blend of several ingredients, including calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, and iron, just to name a few.

Our pan technology, drying, and screening process also allows us to produce products that meet a variety of finished product sizes as well from below SGN 125 up to SGN 260 and beyond. We work closely with our partners and this two-way collaboration also ensures faster speed-to-market and lower-cost commercialization projects.

Lets get started

To craft the correct solution for your business, the first step is to start an ongoing dialogue with our Technical Services team where we will work together to define the following:
  • Specifications of the End-use Application
  • Targeted Particle Size
  • Desire Load & Release Characteristics

To get started, please contact us for more information.

For More Information

For more information or to purchase a product, please contact:

Oklahoma, Texas panhandle & Kansas
Chris Shetley
Sales Representative
(405) 366-9500 (Office)
(405) 222-8599 (Cell)

Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California and surrounding area
Brody A. Oakley
Sales Director
(405) 612-4756

Prilled Products for Agricultural Applications
Sales Representative
Gary Gilliland
(480) 759-4148 (Office)
(602) 618-1603 (Cell)

Contact us today to discuss your custom prilling project.