AccuLevel® H40

AccuLevel® H40 Floor Underlayment System is fast applied, quick setting, polymer modified hydraulic cement formulated and manufactured by Arcosa Specialty Materials for use in “poured in place” and pre-cast concrete construction in commercial and institutional buildings.

AccuLevel® H40 underlayment can also be poured over wood subfloors (reinforcing mesh is required to pour over damaged, weak or voids in wood subfloors. Please consult your licensed AccuCrete® Applicator for details). When required by your schedule this high strength underlayment can be poured prior to drywall installation (for more information on pouring before drywall consult your licensed AccuCrete® Applicator).

AccuLevel® H40 is batch mixed on the job site with sand and water providing a monolithic, smooth, lightweight surface. At 3/4” in thickness AccuLevel® H40 weighs approximately 7.8 lbs. per sq. ft. and has a density of approximately 120 to 125 lbs. cu. ft. per bag.

AccuLevel® H40 provides a cost effective, crack resistant, lightweight, fire resistant, floor leveling underlayment in residential, multi-family, commercial, institutional, as well as new and renovation type construction. Designed system provides for a smooth, level, and dense surface suitable for any type of floor covering.

AccuLevel is Gypsum Evolved

AccuLevel® H40 is a Hydraulic Cement formulated with innovative hybrid cement technology that is ultra smooth, ultra flat, ultra durable. Mixed on the job site, the low-prep formulation is cost competitive providing final compressive strengths between 4,500 psi and 7,000 psi.


  • Utilizes innovative hybrid cement technology
  • Smooth surface, durable, dense, crack resistant
  • Ideal for out of level, or old, damaged concrete floors in commercial, institutional, and renovation construction
  • Minimum of 4,500 psi; Maximum of 7,000 psi when fully cured
  • Low-prep formulation, no bead-blasting required for pedestrian traffic

Support Documents

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National Sales Manager
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Sales and Architectural Support
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AccuLevel® H40 Floor Underlayment System is fast applied, quick setting, polymer modified hydraulic cement.