AccuLevel® SD30

Designed for Corrugated Steel Deck Construction

AccuLevel® brand is a versatile family of engineered cements designed to meet the demands of today’s challenging and ever changing flooring market.

AccuLevel® SD30 is specifically designed for construction assemblies using galvanized corrugated steel decking. This product is UL classified in a variety of 2 hour construction assemblies from various manufacturers, and can be poured as thin as 1″ above the top of the corrugations of the deck without reinforcement.

The polymer enhanced AccuLevel® SD30 bonds well to the galvanized metal surface, and exhibits high flow character, excellent surface durability, and high compressive strength. Compressive Strengths ranging from 3,000 to 4,500 PSI.

AccuLevel® brand leveling cements are ideal for smoothing out-of-level, old or damaged concrete in commercial, institutional or renovation construction and for flattening or leveling poured-in-place or precast concrete planks.

AccuLevel is Gypsum Evolved

AccuLevel® SD30 is batch-mixed and pumped in place by licensed AccuLevel® applicators. This allows Acculevel® brand cements to be an attractive option when compared to traditional leveling products.


  • Formulated and tested specifically for application involving fire-rated corrugated steel deck construction
  • Self sealing and low porosity formulation enables direct-bonded floor coverings, in many cases without the use of surface sealer
  • Compressive strength of 3,000 – 4,500 psi
  • Suitable for sheet goods, VCT, tile and stone, wood, or carpet
  • UL classified in a variety of propriety steel ceiling designs

Support Documents

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AccuLevel® SD30 is specifically designed for Corrugated Steel Deck Construction