Baking Additives

Terra Alba – Baking Additive

Terra Alba, made directly from the mineral calcium sulfate, has long been used in the yeast-raised baking industry to supply calcium enrichment to a wide variety of baking products. The use of this product in baked breads has resulted in the highest evaluation marks with regard to flavor, crunch, color, texture and grain. It is also well known for its use as a processing aid. Arcosa Specialty Materials Terra Alba is the calcium sulfate of choice by the two largest distributors in the U.S.

Terra Alba supplies calcium to enriched flour, cereals, baking powder, yeast, bread conditioners and cake icing.

Here is a list of specific benefits:

  • Dough Strengthener
  • Leaving Agent
  • pH Control Agent
  • Flour Treating Agent
  • Nutrient Supplement
  • Anti-caking agent
  • Formulation Aid

Support Documents

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For More Information

For more information or how to purchase, please contact:

U.S. & Canada
Carl Buchanan
(864) 469-3113 (Office)
(470) 539-1615 (Cell)

National Sales Manager
Cole Sisco
(405) 366-9526 (Office)
(580) 695-0363 (Cell)

Terra Alba is a key ingredient in the baking process.