Safety Steering Team #3 – Getting Down To Work

On March 14 and 15, 2022 the Safety Steering Committee met and worked through the various safety issues facing employees every day. After exploring the research and the feedback from front line employees, the team settled on “Near Miss Accidents”.

Here are a few pictures of the team during their meetings.

Safety Steering Team Members:

Brian Dowden          225.333.9185    

Randy Pryor             405.426.7618         

Stephen Phillips       580.851.0020    

Chas Lonebear        580.774.8251    

Chester Goodson     206.310.1467    

Jake Ward                903.641.1281    

Daniel Dunker          661.203.8458    

Frank Parra              661.858.7682    

Tom Ray                  502.664.0278    

Dave Lewis              580.851.2038    

Lori Harwell              405.549.9143    

Bill Smith                  903.243.5360    

Jim Madsen             405.301.1742    

Cathy Paez              405.408.2234    


We encourage EVERYONE to be involved with our ARC100 Safety Journey. If you would like to be involved to help influence our cultural change to a safer work environment, please contact your supervisor.