Mining & Reclamation


Gypsum, limestone and gravel are typically mined in an open pit quarry. The process used to mine them is very similar to that used in many other rock quarries.

First, the exposed rock is fractured by drilling and blasting. The fractured rock is then loaded into trucks and transported to a processing plant.

At the processing plant, the large pieces of ore are reduced in size by passing it through a large crusher. Crushing the ore generates a mixture of smaller rocks that can be cleaned and sorted by size.

Sorting is accomplished by passing the rock through a series of vibrating screens. Sorted rock is then loaded for distribution to be further processed by the end user.

Reclamation & Environmental Commitment

Once a mine has been depleted of all of its ore, the mine is then “reclaimed.” This is the process of restoring land back to a natural or economically usable state.

A reclaimed mine can be beautiful, with many ponds and open fields. Arcosa Specialty Materials takes pride in its reclamation efforts, and is committed to returning mine sites to a state of usefulness.

In addition to mine reclamation; Arcosa Specialty Materials is committed to possessing all of the required licenses, air, storm water and other environmental permits, registrations, and reports in order to operate in a way that helps reduce the impact on our natural environment. Industry best practices and innovative solutions are also used in all of our locations.