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Introduction to the team and their mission

March 22, 2022

To:  All Employees,

From:  John Todd, President – Specialty Materials

I am pleased to recognize the new Continuous Improvement Team who will advance our ARC 100 safety journey.

The CI Team will meet in person on March 29-April 1, 2022 and will tackle the opportunities surrounding “Near Miss Reporting”.  As part of the process, they will develop a measurable system that involves all levels of our organization, and then create a communication plan to keep everyone informed about pending changes and our individual involvement. 

The activities from the new CI Team will support our efforts in building a culture of continuous safety improvement.

I have every confidence in this team’s ability to turn our opportunities into achievable actions and goal, while simultaneously changing “pain points” into areas of strength.

Now it’s time to meet our new CI Team #3:

Clifford Seftone – Shamrock, TX / Equipment Operator

Clifford works at the Shamrock Mine near Shamrock, TX. He’s been in mining for 12 years. He’s been married 6 yrs and has 3 girls and just had a son last month.

Jesse Wyatt – Brooks, KY / Equipment Operator

Jesse has been in this business over 6 years. His current position is a Kiln Burner for plant 1682 in Brooks Kentucky, though he’s been a part of each step of the production process, from Raw to Finished product. He’s also proud to work for a plant that’s received Zero S&S citations in over four years running.

Jorge Romero Beltran – Mooreland, OK / Equipment Tech – Lead

Jorge works at Mooreland plant in Mooreland, OK. He’s been with Arcosa Specialty Materials for a little over two years.  His current position is maintenance lead/supervisor.  When not at work he likes to spend his time off at his farm taking care of their animals and riding horses with his wife and daughter.

Stanley Lopossa – Brooklyn, IN / Maintenance

Stanley has been at Brooklyn plant 1683 for 2.5 years. He was hired as an Equipment Operator at the pit. He just recently switched to the maintenance side of things working more with the kilns. Stanley enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, and riding dirt bikes in his free time.

Stoney Hartronft – Bessie, OK / Equipment Tech – Lead

Stoney has been with the company since October of 2020. He works at the Bessie facility in Bessie, OK in the Maintenance department. He’s married with two kids, and enjoys golfing and hunting.

Micah Bentley – Cyril, OK / Mechanic Expert

Micah joined the company back in November of 2014 as a mechanic at the Cyril Oklahoma mines. He’s married with two children, ages fourteen and seven. He also has an additional eight years of mining experience prior to joining the company.

Dirk Morgan – AWC Carson City, NV / Equipment Operator

Dirk started with Arcosa in 2013 as a mechanic and moved to the mill after 3 years. He is currently the Lead Mill Operator at plant 1852. His friends and work family call him Diggy. He has 3 children; one daughter and two sons.

Reggie Davis – Livingston, AL / Kiln Operator

Reggie is a Kiln Operator at the Livingston, AL lightweight plant. When not at work he enjoys watching sports, fishing, catching a good movie, and most of all spending quality time with family and friends.

Keith Barber – Streetman, TX / Quarry Dept

Keith has been employed at Streetman lightweight plant for 28 years and is very knowledgeable of all work aspects at the facility.  Keith is the “go to” guy whenever there is a plant cookout.  Keith is a single dad of 3 boys that are all grown now and has 1 grandson, Bryson, that is 5 years old and 2 step grandchildren, Brook & Brodie.    

George “Bear” Lonebear – Bouse Junction, OK / Safety Coordinator

George started with ACG Materials in 2015 as an equipment operator and moved into the role of safety in 2016. When not at work, he is spending time with family, going to watch his daughter in high school sports, and working on home projects or cooking.

Please recognize these individuals and show your support of the Continuous Improvement Team #3.  With their involvement in building an effective safety culture, it is sure to be a rewarding experience for all of us.

I would like to personally thank these individuals for their commitment to our safety journey and look forward to the months ahead.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about our safety improvement journey, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of our Safety Steering Team.

Safety Steering Team Members:

Brian Dowden          225.333.9185    

Randy Pryor             405.426.7618         

Stephen Phillips       580.851.0020    

Chas Lonebear        580.774.8251    

Chester Goodson     206.310.1467    

Jake Ward                903.641.1281    

Daniel Dunker          661.203.8458    

Frank Parra              661.858.7682    

Tom Ray                  502.664.0278    

Dave Lewis              580.851.2038    

Lori Harwell              405.549.9143    

Bill Smith                  903.243.5360    

Jim Madsen             405.301.1742    

Cathy Paez              405.408.2234    

Advocating Real Change 100% of the time (ARC100)

John Todd

President, Specialty Materials

Construction Products Group

March 22, 2022

Continuous Improvement Team #3 – Introduction to the team and their mission

March 14, 2022

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